The cardboard boxes produced by CERPLAST are of high quality and are well adjusted to the specific production needs of each customer. In our offer, you can find cardboard boxes made of various types of cardboard, from lightweight three-layer one to specialized heavyweight five-layer or seven-layer cardboard (WAVE B, C, E, BC, EB).
These cardboard boxes are available in gray and white color. With access to complex printing tools, we can transfer even the most unusual and complicated graphic designs to our boxes. We use flexographic printing, screen printing and offset printing (with the option of laminating the packaging).

CERPLAST products protect the goods stored in them and significantly improve logistics, production, storage and transport. The boxes are also a great way of advertising your product. Accuracy and aesthetics are the main goals setting the standards for the production of cardboard boxes at our company.

Our experience allowed us to notice the main issue in the right selection of cardboard packaging. A competent team of specialists will be able to adjust the product to the customer’s expectations in no time.

Our machine park allows us to produce flap boxes and other packaging from the FEFCO catalog made without the use of a die cutter machine, as well as die-cut boxes produced up to four meters in length.

Cardboard boxes are widely used in all branches of industry, from the food industry to the chemical industry.

Our products fulfill many important functions. In addition to the basic task of securing the packed product, cardboard packaging aims to improve the last stages in production logistics, storage and transport. Very often, seemingly simple cardboard box acts as direct advertising for the consumer.

Accuracy and aesthetics are the main goals setting production standards at CERPLAST.

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Today's activities are focused on continuous development and improvement of
the Quality Management System conforming to
ISO 9001:2015, the company implemented in 2005