They are available in several variants, depending on the purpose. These ventilated paper bags have gained recognition in various branches of the food and chemical industry. Due to the simple construction and easy method of filling, ventilated bags are widely used in the production, storage, and transport of loose products, such as:

  • flour, groats, rice, corn,
  • forage, starch, sand, gravel,
  • cement, calcium, construction chemicals.

The valve allows for the quick filling of the bag, and automatic sealing prevents content from escaping. The availability of different sizes, thicknesses and the type of film used in the production of the bag makes it easier to adjust the product to the individual needs of the customer. The highest-quality technological solutions allow us to make several-color prints on the bag, due to which we can help our customers in maximizing the characteristics of their product.
The ergonomic form – cuboid – facilitates the stacking of bags with goods on pallets. The transport of products is fast and easy.

We offer FLEXO print in 6 colors on every type of bag.

Ventilated bags:

In our stock you can find ventilated bags for:

– food products [frozen food, flour, concentrates, powdered milk, sugar, salt, rice]

– chemical products [granules, fertilizers, PVC]

– construction products [sand, quartz]

– construction chemicals [plasters, adhesives, mortars, etc.]

Our ventilated bags can be:

– gray and white with a print in 6 colors

– 1-2-3 layers

– with a PE layer or HDPE insert

Open-top bags:

Our stock includes open glued bags designed for:

– food products [frozen food, flour, concentrates, powdered milk, salt, rice]

– chemical products [granules, PVC]

– construction products [sand, plasters, adhesives]


Our glued bags can be:

– gray and white

– 1-2-3-4 layers

– with a PE layer or LDPE insert


Sewn open-top bags

Our assortment includes sewn open-top bags, designed for packing:
-food products (frozen food, salt, rice)
-chemical products
-agricultural products (forage, food concentrates)

Our sewn open-top bags can be:
-gray and white with a print in 6 colors
-1-2-3 or 4 layers
-with PE layer or LDPE foil insert

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