Ventilated plastic bags are used for machine packing of loose and granulated goods for many industries. The self-closing structure of the packaging allows for easy and efficient filling of an empty bag, without requiring any additional closing devices. The proposed type of ventilated bags is practical, easy for placing on a pallet and simple to use. They are used when it is necessary to protect products against moisture.

Ventilated plastic bags – can be used in:

-hygroscopic materials
-agricultural fertilizers
-food products
-plant protection products
-chemical substances

Ventilated plastic bags offered by CERPLAST are manufactured in different sizes and thicknesses. All to meet the individual needs of customers. High quality of products and guarantee of the highest quality allow meeting these requirements. At your request, we can make bags with a personalized print.

Open-top bags

Our paper bags (1 to 5 layers of paper), depending on the assumed strength, can be produced with additional PE or HDPE lining to protect content from moisture. We offer open-top paper bags, glued and sewn, with the following sizes:

width from 10 to 70 cm,

length from 20 to 120 cm,

bottom width from 7 to 23 cm.

Open-top paper bag – examples of application:

– transport of loose materials,

– transport of chemicals,

– handling of construction chemicals,

– storage of cement,

– storage of lime,

Ventilated bags

Our packaging is made of flat tape or a sleeve

Ventilated bags can have:

– different types of valve (wrapped, fringed, external, internal, weldable, etc.),

– 2 non-slip mats of different thickness,

– needle perforation,

– various types of prints


Cross bottom bags

Our packaging is made of flat tape or a sleeve.

Cross bottom bags may have:

– 2 non-slip mats of different thickness,

– needle perforation

– various types of prints

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