Wooden pallets and other CERPLAST wooden packaging are used in many industries. At the customer’s request, we offer products with a phytosanitary certificate (IPPC). We also make packaging that is made by combining high quality cardboard and wood.

Qualified staff and the use of different machines allow us to offer wooden boxes with a complex structure. They can be equipped with polystyrene, foam or rubber filling. Fillings of this type are made at the customer’s request. This method of complex packing guarantees 100% protection against uncontrolled movement during transport or product loading or unloading.

The success of CERPLAST wooden boxes lies in an extensive examination of our customers’ needs. A thorough analysis of the product that needs to be protected is the starting point in our work. As a result, we create an adjusted wooden packaging and present alternative packing methods. We provide our customers with the final product to verify the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

To meet the expectations of our clients and to lower the cost, we also make packaging that is made by combining dense cardboard and wood.

An important element that is a part of our offer is analyzing the product to be protected, matching the appropriate form to the product, presenting alternative packing methods and carrying out test on the container to verify its effectiveness in the protection of the goods.

Our long-standing experience in the packaging industry and care for the precision of wooden
packaging are the determining factors of our quality.

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Today's activities are focused on continuous development and improvement of
the Quality Management System conforming to
ISO 9001:2015, the company implemented in 2005