Industrial pallets: new, used, repaired

The CERPLAST company offers various types of durable pallets and industrial platforms, which can be new, used and restored. Wooden pallets are made of high-quality natural wood. Good quality wood and good manufacturing make the product reusable because it is not damaged quickly and on top of that it is fully ecological. Wooden pallets save time and storage space, help protect products packed on them and transport them safely to their destination.

CERPLAST manufactures wooden pallets of many sizes so they can be adjusted to every client. We also offer EURO EPAL pallets. Pallets can also have a phytosanitary certificate at the customer’s request. This certificate means that transporting goods on pallets will not deprive the cargo of its properties.  Industrial pallets with the phytosanitary certificate  have undergone a special treatment called fumigation, due to which they are completely safe and have no impact on the condition of the goods transported. Fumigating pallets deprives them of  spores, seeds, etc.

Due to the wide range of wooden pallets (new, used, and restored pallets), the customer can fully optimize costs. In addition, we offer professional advice for every client in case of any doubts.

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Today's activities are focused on continuous development and improvement of
the Quality Management System conforming to
ISO 9001:2015, the company implemented in 2005