Wooden boxes

Our offer includes high quality packaging materials characterised by many advantages. Among our most important products are capacious wooden boxes and aesthetic and practical wooden transport cases. They are exceptionally durable, solid and reliable. Excellent both for storage and transport of various goods.

The packaging products included in our offer meet specific needs of the customers. We offer the possibility of adjustment to the individual preferences of the buyer – in terms of dimensions and the material of the product. Wooden packages, due to their ecologic character, are completely safe for the environment.

There are many applications of wooden boxes and transport cases:

transport, in particular long-haul transport,

warehousing of goods,

handling of products,

protection of goods against harmful weather effect and damage in transport.

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Today's activities are focused on continuous development and improvement of
the Quality Management System conforming to
ISO 9001:2015, the company implemented in 2005