Main plastic products offered by our company :

  • plastic pallet covers – perfect protection of products stored on pallets against weather conditions, dirt and damage.
  • ventilated plastic bags – tear-resistant, due to their properties they store granulated and loose products very well.
  • open-top plastic bags – used for manual packing of loose materials and machine packing with a heat sealer.
  • packaging foil – universal material used for protection of industrial, food, cosmetic products, etc.
  • stretch wrap – perfect protection of cargo on pallets; commonly used during shipment.
  • plastic separator – durable, wear-resistant, used for lining pallets.

All of the products mentioned above can come with a print or without it.

To meet the needs of the market, we can tailor the plastic product in terms of the type of raw material used and its construction to client’s requirements. Depending on the client’s needs, we make packaging from the following raw materials:
– Plastic wrap made of recycled plastic (regranulate)

The plastic we use is the highest quality material, with positive opinion and has been positively assessed by many of our clients. It is a versatile material with a significant resistance to damage, thus it withstands different conditions. We offer universal product that is used in packing large and tiny goods. The packed objects are safe and resistant to various damages that often occur during shipment.
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Today's activities are focused on continuous development and improvement of
the Quality Management System conforming to
ISO 9001:2015, the company implemented in 2005