Plastic pallet covers

Plastic hoods are used primarily to secure goods and products transported on shipping pallets. Their sizes are adjusted to the size of the pallets.

Our company, in addition to standard hoods used for the EURO pallets or industrial pallets, also offers non-standard sizes to protect large-size products. In the past we made hoods that protected products up to 20 meters long.

Plastic hoods made by us come in two options:

– cover option – it is designed to protect packed goods against adverse weather conditions.

– heat shrink hoods – in addition to securing the goods against external factors, the heat shrink hood protects packed products against uncontrolled movement.

In our offer you will find both transparent and colored hoods, depending on individual needs. The use of colored hoods makes warehouse management easier by simplifying the identification of the products.

The plastic hoods we offer can have a print on them, which not only has a marketing function but is also designed to inform the recipient of the goods about any undesirable interference with the contents on the pallet.

Our company offers two design solutions for the plastic hood, the X and Y hoods.

The X and Y heat shrink hoods differ in their folding and shrinking characteristics.

– the X hood shrinks longitudinally,

– the Y hood shrinks laterally,

Our company’s twenty years of experience gives you the guarantee of receiving the highest quality product that meets your expectations 100% of the time.

The use of plastic hoods:

– to secure goods shipped on a pallet,

– to protect raw materials and products against harmful external factors, such as rain, wind, and snow,

– to protect products against unwanted movements.

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