Die cut cartons

The cardboard boxes and flap boxes produced by our company are made of 3, 5 and 7-layer cardboard with different density depending on the customer’s requirements.

During the production, we rely on the FEFCO catalog which allows the manufacture of cardboard boxes and flap boxes of various designs without the need for a die cutter machine in order to reduce the costs.

Our corrugated cardboard boxes are characterized by high-quality and aesthetics. Our boxes are made of raw materials from leading Polish and foreign producers and this guarantees the reproducibility and quality of products. The modern machine park owned by our company allows us to make boxes in large sizes which are beyond the reach of our competition. Packaging length and width can reach up to 4 meters, while the height can reach 3 meters.

To meet the customer’s needs related to the necessity of attractive display of their products, we offer the possibility of putting a print on the box. Prints made in our company are created using two methods, flexographic and screen printing.

Cardboard boxes and flap boxes are extremely practical and useful containers that effectively and easily protect the packed product against damage and external factors. Due to their versatility of uses, they can be used in any industry and various situations. They are very convenient to use, they can be closed very quickly and easily regardless of the form of the packed product due to various types of design and any choice of length, width and height ratio. In this way, all products placed in a corrugated cardboard box are perfectly protected.

Flap cardboard boxes guarantee easy storage, maximum use of available space and safe shipment.

The packaging produced by our company is created by a team of passionate people to fully satisfy the client in terms of expectations and needs.

Uses of flap boxes and cardboard boxes:
– as collective packaging,
– in the shipment of various materials and goods,
– product storage,
– as protective packaging and also a product display.

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Today's activities are focused on continuous development and improvement of
the Quality Management System conforming to
ISO 9001:2015, the company implemented in 2005