Die cut cartons

Die-cut boxes are made of 3, 5 and 7-layer cardboard. In their production, blanking dies are used; they are special tools that allow cutting various shapes out of cardboard. This method can be used for both large and small batches of orders. Due to the durability and strength, these boxes can be used for both storage and shipping of goods. Depending on the customer’s needs, die-cut boxes come in a variety of designs and shapes. This type of packaging can be closed in various ways. Die-cut boxes have endless possibilities of use. They are lightweight and durable, while perfectly protecting their contents.
Precise production is of great importance in the making of die-cut boxes. Individual orders executed by CERPLAST are carried out under the guidance of experienced specialists. The use of carefully selected materials characterizes our products with durability and professional appearance. Die-cut boxes are the right containers for advertising your products. Our customers receive a complex product with several functions.

Die cut cartons – examples of application:

– confectioneries,

– bakeries,

– transport of cakes and confectionery,

– transport of ice cream,

– pizza boxes.

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