Plain and corrugated paper

Corrugated cardboard is a well-known product because it can be used in many areas of industry and life. This type of cardboard is perfect for shipping cargo, it is also ideal for packing various products, primarily it is used as a separator. Cardboard perfectly protects goods against any mechanical damage and defects that can occur during shipment or movement. This product works very well in everyday situations. Cardboard can be used during the renovation as floor protection against dirt or scratches. It can be used to protect any valuable items against damage.

Corrugated cardboard works great as a filling protecting products packed in collective packaging, for example, cartons, crates.

The products we offer are manufactured with precision and with suitable technologies. Due to this, we provide our clients with the highest quality products.

Our offer consists mainly of two-layer corrugated paper in various formats, as well as three and five-layer format papers. We also offer solid packaging cardboard, both technical and recycled. We select their density depending on the client’s needs. Smooth paper is available in white and gray colors.

Examples of smooth and corrugated paper use:
– can be used as pallet separators,
– in the production of cardboard pieces,
– used as a protective filling in the cargo space,

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